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Pakistani obsolete currency notes–part 3

Some more obsolete currency pictures contributed by a friend Sajid Siraj:

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Pakistan Contribution in CERN

On Tuesday 21 July 1998, Director General Chris Llewellyn Smith unveiled the sign naming the Route Abdus Salam on the Meyrin site.Formerly the southern portion of the Route Pauli, the road passes near the site of the Gargamelle bubble chamber … Continue reading

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Technology Review: Spare Some Bandwidth?

Pakistani scientists have a way to boost download speeds: Internet access is growing steadily in developing nations, but limited infrastructure means that at times connections can still be painfully slow. A major bottleneck for these countries is the need to … Continue reading

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Pakistani obsolete currency notes–part 2

Here are some more currency notes/coins contributed by my friend Nabeel Shaeen .

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Pakistani Obsolete Currency notes

I am putting here some obsolete currency notes of Pakistan just for the sake of ..hmmnn…well ..curiosity or just logging an historical artifact. Anyway, here ar some, which either could not withstand the soaring inflation or were redisgned to be … Continue reading

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