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Errors and Solution regarding System Administration of many cool Linux Distro’s that i play around

using cut to extract the output of top

I wanted to profile the memory usage of one of my program for different problem sizes. I was interested in only the resident memory used while the program was running . “top” was an obvious choice and luckily top provides … Continue reading

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Modifying Oscar Cluster Image to add Gigabit Ethernet Driver

After building oscar client image it was realized that there is no driver avaialbe by default in the RedHat 9 distro for gigabit Ethernet card  so we downloaded source code for the intel gigabit driver from and installed it on server … Continue reading

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condor Configuration

–>run condor_master and then to check whether it is running use “ps -ef | egrep condor_” –>to find what jobs have been submitted use condor_q command –> to find out what computers are in your Condor pool use condor_status –>to … Continue reading

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DHCP error coz of its pre requisites

This error occured  while I was trying to configure DHCP server through oscar toolkit for cluster nodes. The server exited by issuing a long error suggesting to make sure that if CONFIG_PACKET (packet socket) and Packet filtering CONFIG_FILTER was enabled. … Continue reading

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