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condor Configuration

–>run condor_master and then to check whether it is running use “ps -ef | egrep condor_” –>to find what jobs have been submitted use condor_q command –> to find out what computers are in your Condor pool use condor_status –>to … Continue reading

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DHCP error coz of its pre requisites

This error occured  while I was trying to configure DHCP server through oscar toolkit for cluster nodes. The server exited by issuing a long error suggesting to make sure that if CONFIG_PACKET (packet socket) and Packet filtering CONFIG_FILTER was enabled. … Continue reading

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Blocking vs Non Blocking Socket

RECEIVE SOCKET TIMEOUT The recv call is used to receive messages from a socket, and may be used to receive data on a socket whether or not it is connection-oriented.The recv() function shall return the length of the message written … Continue reading

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ftp timeout problem

During oscar cluster node installation if ftp timeout errors occur then check the firewall setting on your installation server (oscar server ). enter “setup” command and then change firewall =no firewall

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