condor Configuration

–>run condor_master and then to check whether it is running
use “ps -ef | egrep condor_”
–>to find what jobs have been submitted use condor_q command
–> to find out what computers are in your Condor pool use condor_status
–>to change priority of job use “condor_prio -p priority ID where priority ranges from -20 to 20(highest) and ID is job id shown by condor_q

–> to anayse job for debugging purpos use condor_q “job ID” -analyze
–> JOB SUBMITTED but not Running:
use the command “condor_config_val -v START” to find which version of START is used .
the above command showed “UWCS_START = ( (KeyboardIdle > $(StartIdleTime))
&& ( $(CPUIdle) || (State != “Unclaimed” && State != “Owner”)) )
This means that job should not be run if there is any keyboard activity for certain specified time. I chages it to UWCS_START =TRUE that mean that i am using this condor for testing purpose just run the job no matter what it is.

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